City Pets is a pet supply store and grooming salon where Animals Matter!

Professional Dog Walking

$16 per 25 minute walk, Just stop by the shop or call (312) 265-1420 to set up your complimentary in-home consultation!

Expert Pet Groomers

Our pet groomers are available by appointment with Occasional walk in appointments available.

Cage Free Environment

We provide 6’X 8′ individual pet suites instead of the typical rows of cages found in most salons. Each client (Your Pet) can relax in this comfortable space for up to 30 minutes after their grooming session is completed.

1-on-1 Grooming Sessions

Your pet will be ready for their big reveal in 1 to 2 hours.  No assembly line mentality!  There’s simply no need to force a dog to stay in a grooming shop for 6+ hours each time he needs a haircut. It isn’t in their best interest and we prefer to make all of our decisions based on what is best for the animal.

All Natural Products

At City Pets we only use the very best products available on the market and spare no expense in treating each coat and skin condition with the most appropriate, highest quality products.  In fact, the Bobbi Panter line of shampoos & conditioners far outshines their high end competition by NOT adding sodium chloride (table salt) as a lathering agent since it has no beneficial properties whatsoever! Just the opposite!

Relaxing Spa Environment

Our salon is infused with a calming aromatherapy scent all throughout the day to help ease anxiety in the animals who have had prior negative experiences at traditional grooming shops.  In addition, soothing music meant just for dogs is played in the grooming area at all times. We use anxiety wraps on especially nervous dogs and will just hold small dogs until the groomer is ready for them. Whatever it takes to show them that being groomed doesn’t have to be traumatic!

Full Groom Pricing ranges from $35 for a short-haired Chihuahua to $95 for a Bernese Mountain Dog

Our rates are as low or lower than any quality grooming salon within the city limits of Chicago and includes all of the following:

A Massaging Bath Hand Blow Dry Teeth Gel
Blueberry Facial Ear Cleaning Anal Gland Expression (optional)
Nail Trim & File Mild Signature Scent Misting Designer Bow-tie (Bow Ties Are Cool)

 There are no other Grooming Shops in Chicago that provide the individual, one-on-one attention we give to each dog throughout their session and have them in and out in 1-2 hours-  without cages or cage dryers.     For this type of service, clients would expect to pay a premium.  However, our grooming fees are equal to the traditional grooming shops throughout Chicago.


Premium * Holistic * Organic * Raw

Pet Food & Treats

100% Made in the U.S.A.




New Springtime Hours begin soon!