Personalized, Continuously Supervised, Exceptional, Familiar Care

Monday-Friday 8am-7pm

Designed specifically for small dogs 20lbs and under.
A maximum of 10 doggies are in attendance at any one time.


Our unique Daycare has been designed to provide a home-like environment with comfortable furniture, beds, toys, blankets, dog-specific music, and aromatherapy diffusing into the air.

Our space is a fully enclosed safe haven with double security gates and a special “Look-Out Den” which is a favorite spot where doggies enjoy watching the activity outside in our bustling neighborhood.


Our Full Time Pack consists of a maximum of 10 very fortunate little dogs, all weighing in at 20lbs or less, who get to spend the day having fun with their close friends instead of being at home feeling lonely and distressed. 

We meet each Regular Daycare Attendee right where they are emotionally and quickly determine their current state of being. Assessing any challenges that may be present, we gently and consistently work to help them confidently progress through their behavioural issues and fears.

We’ve learned that through love, patience, guidance and consistency, the struggles diminish and their best personality emerges.

 Parents are amazed at the progress their babies make in a relatively short period of time at our Doggie Daycare.

For the occasional Hourly Drop-In visitors, we make sure that they are comfortable and are having fun socializing with their peers. We provide as much guidance and reassurance as necessary during their short stay to ensure that everyone is having an enjoyable time together.

All attendees are Spayed or Neutered and have received all of the required vaccines to be fully protected against the preventable diseases that exist. We take this very seriously and maintain a constant vigilance in recognizing any behavior which seems out of the ordinary or any skin condition that might be present so that we can immediately inform the parents and everyone stays healthy!

You won’t find a more clean and sterile environment in a Daycare setting. We try to use safe, all-natural products when dogs are present, however, every evening we use the chemical products required to destroy harmful bacteria. You’ll notice air purifiers and aromatherapy diffusers being utilized in addition to our air conditioning system which all help to promote proper air circulation.

Daycare registration online form

Daycare registration form PDF

Our unique Daycare service offers you complete peace of mind so that you can work long hours and know that your pet is being cared for by exceptional, familiar professionals who care about their contentment and mental well being.

The application process consists of a 1 page questionaire, proof of current vaccinations and a 1-2 hour trial period with our current Pack. Because all of our dogs will be spending considerable amounts of time with one another, we must ensure that everyone meets our daycare criteria and are ready for happy and healthy interaction with their new friends.

Parents pack a lunch for their little one and provide us with instructions on a feeding time. Pre-approved healthy treats are provided for the daycare doggies without allergies. However, there is an additional fee for the more expensive chews which each full time attendee enjoys as a group. See the prices below which have been reduced to equal our wholesale cost. Typically each full time attendant enjoys 1 Bully Stick per week. We store it in a sealed bag within his/her bin.

  • Bully Sticks $3.50
  • Toothpick $1.50
  • Windee Rings 3/$1.00
  • Pig Ears  3/$1.00

We take potty breaks outside as well as utilize pee pee pads for those trained in this method. There are rest periods when everybody will get comfortable and rest on the sofa or in a cozy bed of their choosing. Mostly, it’s just nonstop fun!


Hourly Drop-in Babysitting……$14/Sibling $10      [reservation not required]

Full Day Care (up to 11 hrs)…….$44/Sibling $32
[Discounted Packages Listed Below are Suggested]


Home Pick up/Drop off Service……..$8 each way
[see registration form for additional details]  

*Must be fully registered and approved for Daycare prior to attending

Full Time Daycare Packages:

  5 Days       5% discount   $209  -Sibling $152

10 Days     10% discount   $396   -Sibling $288

 20 Days      20% discount   $704  -Sibling $512

Premium Daycare Membership Package: M-F Full-Time Care…$800 per month

This Membership Package is offered to those parents seeking a support system in the overall care of their pet.  Our relationship goes beyond the normal Daycare standards and protocol.

  • A spot is always available for you!

  • Traveling parents receive 1st Priority for In-Home Care on Holidays.

  • Typically unavailable, weekend babysitting is made available to our Premium Members at a reduced rate Hourly [$10] or Full Day [$35}.

  • Save on all of your pet food and treats by ordering at our wholesale cost.  

  • Receive a complimentary weekly Bath/Blow Dry.  

  • After hours care is made available at a discounted rate of $10 per hour.

For more information on the benefits of purchasing a flat-rate Daycare Package, speak to Lisa at City Pets.