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I have received, read and agree with the policies and overall approach that City Pets has described in their daycare policies form.


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Daycare Policies:

  • City pets will provied loving and attentive care for your pet when he/she is in our care.

    City Pets requires that your dog(s) be current on his/her vaccinations and will need to have documentation verifying this information in our file prior to his first day of attending daycare.

    City Pets will not be held liable for behavior that results in injury to the pet, to another pet, to a human being or to City Pets representatives.

    City Pets will conduct an interview with parents and pet to determine in our capabilities and physical setup are a match for your pet's personality and needs. If a dog is not accepted into the program upon his initial attempt, a period of 3 months must pass before a second interview can take place.

    If veterinary care is needed in your absence, City Pets will obtain that care. We will first attempt to contact your pet's regular veterinarian, however, if they cannot be reached or the situation calls for immediate attention, we will use a veterinarian/facility of our own choosing. The client will be responsible for all veterinary charges incurred. Please answer the questions below by initialing the statement that applies.