No other professional grooming business in Chicago provides the same level of individual attention we give to each client throughout their session and have them in and out in 1 to 2 hours… without the use of cage dryers. For this type of service, pet parents would expect to pay a premium. However, our grooming fees are actually similar to that of traditional grooming shops throughout Chicago. We’re passionate about showing your baby that being groomed doesn’t have to be traumatic. It’s a part of their life that happens on a regular basis and involves spending time with friends who will always take good care of them while Mom and/or Dad are away for a little bit. It doesn’t involve pain, inconsideration, or forcing them to do anything they don’t really want to do. There are always treats (if they’re allowed) and a lot of praising for doing a good job at standing still. Sometimes, (frequently) there is a retraining which must take place over several visits when we are given the opportunity to prove to them that what we’re saying is true!

From now on, things will be different.


Dogs do not enjoy being caged along side other anxious dogs in a chaotic grooming room. Knowing this, we’ve designed the 2 spacious, enclosed Pet Suites to accommodate a single dog to relax in while he/she awaits the return of his parents. Although it’s only for a very short period of time, here is where he/she can feel safe, comfortable, unafraid. Since there are no cages inside our facility, you never have to worry about a Cage Dryer being used on your pet. We don’t believe in the use of this type of equipment since it doesn’t benefit your pet in any way and is potentially dangerous for your pet.

The use of cage dryers in the vast majority of grooming businesses in and around Chicago, as well as the rest of the country, only serves to enhance the bottom line for the businesses utilizing them. The unattended forced air dryer is propped and positioned directly toward your dog while he/she is caged and unable to object. The Groomer is then able to move forward with another client’s haircut thus accomplishing more completed appointments in a day.

Cage Dryers work to dry the coat first, leaving a layer of moisture against the skin which creates a warm, moist environment that can lead to bacteria growth and those dreaded hotspots!  The continued use of a cage dryer teaches your dog to dislike the somewhat louder sound and feeling of a handheld forced air commercial dryer. Often times, our groomers must work through a learning curve with dogs who have been cage dried most of their lives. Ultimately, however, our exclusive use of room temperature forced air and fluff dryers exclusively ensures that the skin is dried first and the hair is blown smooth which provides that longer lasting freshly groomed look we all love.


Our Groomers use and prefer a Chicago based company for all of their bathing needs. Bobbi Panter Pet Products is the only brand that we could find that did not use sodium chloride as an ingredient. This additive is actually table salt and is used as a cheap thickener by most every high end brand out there.

Bobbi’s highly concentrated products are naturally tear free and contain several carefully selected essential oils for a customized fragrance you’ll love.

Look for the Signature Line and the Bobbi Panter Natural line in our retail shop for your at-home needs.